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We provide officiant and photography services to couples getting married throughout North Georgia.  One of our favorite ways to do this is by helping couples plan Cabin Weddings or a Vacation Rental Wedding.   Renting a cabin is a fantastic idea for elopements in Georgia.    The mountains of North Georgia are full of scenic vacation rentals and cabins that are perfect places to elope in Georgia.  


Here is what we do:


Here is an important thing… We make our living by providing officiant and photography services to couples getting married in North Georgia. 


And, as a free service to our couples we help them find lodging, restaurants, florists, hair dressers and everything else needed for a first class wedding experience.  By hiring us you not only get a minister and photographer for your wedding, you get our guidance with all the other services you might need as an free bonus. 


We are NOT a cabin rental company.    That is not a revenue source for us.  We make no money from the cabins and vacation rentals listed on this website.   However, all of the properties listed here have been personally inspected by our management team and have our stamp of approval. 


You can rest easy if you are getting married at one of the properties we recommend.  But it is up to you to find, and book the perfect cabin or vacation rental that fits your needs.

  Elopements in Georgia 

Wondering where to Elope?  That is the question that most couples ask themselves when they decide to tie the knot with a small wedding.  Elopements can take place anywhere and and do happen in all 50 states to some degree or another.   However, before you make a decision be sure to consider Elopements in Georgia.


For some couples going to Las Vegas is their first thought.  Over the years Vegas has become the most popular destination for elopements in the USA.  However, many other fantastic areas have emerged as alternatives to going to Vegas.  Plus, the idea of having Elvis as their officiant can be a turn off!  

 Another popular option is to go offshore to Cancun or other destinations in the Caribbean to get married.  Although these locations are beautiful, a downside can be the cost of getting there and the need to passports and travel documents.    


And, once you get there you may find the process of getting married in a foreign country quite a hassle.  For example, in Cancun there are multiple medical tests, a waiting period, and a requirement that the ceremony be done in Spanish by local clergy.  Yikes!


Instead, consider your options for elopements in Georgia!  Especially the mountains of North Georgia.  Great weather.  Easy to get to.  Natural beauty with lakes, scenic views, waterfalls and more!


Places To Elope in Georgia     


Most couples staying in the states better fits their needs and budget.  In the Southeast, areas such as Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN. have become popular locations for elopements.  Same thing for Savannah, Ga. and Charleston SC.  And, don’t forget about the beaches of Florida.

And then there is North Georgia!  


The mountains of North Georgia offer a wide variety of options for cheap elopement packages.  Here are just a few of the best places to elope in Georgia: 

  • Waterfall Weddings- See our Waterfall Wedding Experts website for details
  • Wedding Chapels in Helen-  See our Helen Georgia Weddings website for details
  • Intimate Wedding Venues-  See our Cavender Castle website for details
  • Officiants and Ministers- See Ceremonies By Rick website for details
  • And then there are weddings at Cabins and Vacation Rentals.  This site is dedicated to cabins which are among the best places to elope in Georgia



Vacation Rental Wedding

A Vacation Rental Wedding is a great option for weddings where all (or most) of your guests are family members.   Here are a few advantages:

  • Your wedding becomes a family vacation.     
  • Your rental doubles as an inexpensive venue for your ceremony and small reception
  • You can find properties on water, properties with a view, garden settings… whatever vision you have for the wedding
  • Convenience.  A vacation rental wedding allows you to have your entire family get ready at the same location as the wedding.  No worries about getting the family dressed and transported to a venue on time
  • Although you can cater a meal in, most couples who plan a vacation rental wedding have a cookout for their reception meal 
  • A vacation rental wedding is perfect for mid-life couples who already did the “big wedding thing”.   This time they want the focus to be one those who matter most in their lives.  
  • No stress!  With our assistance planning a vacation rental wedding is easy.  We help you locate all the services your need for your wedding
Vacation Rental Wedding


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